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Hi, my name is Faye.  I am from a small town name Semenyih located in Selangor state in Malaysia and had resided to the east, a place with a name "land Below the Wind" - Sabah in December 2011 after getting myself married to a Sabahan. 

I am a super busy full time working lady, but then it would not stop me from continuing with my special interests in cooking and baking.  But please bear with me if I have spent too long to up-date this blog.  That's because I too busy... 

Both me and my hubby (Simon) always treasure or hunger for good quality food and yet healthy. We always believe that the food paradise is so wide, that we won't able to taste all of them until the last day on this earth. 

Inspired by Simon, who is also a food lover and had a special affection in photography, so, we decided to begin our food journey by making, trying, tasting, sharing, posting and writing them down.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you my husband for his effort in photography contribution in this blog.  

All readers are welcome to put down your comments and ideas.   Hope you like the content of this blog and happy reading!

Faye Leong
My Trials in the Kitchen

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