Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Slow Cooker Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

As falls are going to over, I would like to share with you all a comfort dish that suitable for this coming cold season.  Stewing or brewing is one of trend of cooking during this time and to make it more easy and convenient if your kitchen has this small wonder call - slow cooker, then will be perfect!

This recipe is specially designed for those who have a slow cooker at home.  Is a Chinese style of cooking, that's why soy sauce is one of the main ingredients for this chicken wings recipe.  I used combinations of both light and dark soy sauce to build up the colors of the whole dish, a little Chinese cooking wine to stir-up the taste and is so easy to make.  

What you need to do is to cook the wings for a few minutes and then transfer them into the slow cooker and add in with mixed sauce.  After two hours you will be able to enjoy a smooth and nice texture of the wings.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Homemade Curry-Spiced Burgers

The eagerness of making my own burgers has been too long and I can't wait anymore.  If you prefer something different from those you always had outside, try this recipe of mine.  As an Asian, I always like to add on with some Asian taste in my food, same goes to this burger patties recipe.  

As I love spices so much, I used curry powder to mix together with my minced meat and I had added on with some chopped fresh coriander to enhance the fragrant of the mixtures of the meat.  You won't believe the fragrant of the patties were so good when I pan-fried them.  To neutralize the hotness of the burgers I served them together with all my time favorite salads - coleslaws. Perfect!

This is a very easy to make homemade burgers, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Enjoy!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Chicken Mushroom Bruschetta

Hello everyone, I am back again!  I am so sorry for missing in action for  almost two months.  There are two reasons - our cameras are sent for service and it took almost a month and also due to me unreasonable working schedule. Well, this always happens to a full-time working married woman....sigh.

After a long break, I wish to share with you this recipe that was on my trial list for sometime, that is bruschetta.  I used to make varieties of vegetables and fruit topping whenever there are any home gathering, parties or potluck.  But this round I am eager to try out something savory and I am satisfied with the turn out.

Chicken Mushroom is my choice for this round bruschetta topping.  I had added a little touch of Asian feel in my recipe.  To make the colors stand out I have added in a little of dark soy sauce in my way of caramelizing the chicken meat with mushrooms.  No regrets at all!  It goes so well with the crispy toasted, buttered slice French baguette.   To make the bites feeling not too meaty, I intentionally combined the cooked chicken mushroom topping with some thinly chopped lettuce, so you can feel both kinds of crunchy from the greens and also the toasted sliced baguette.  

Holiday seasons round the corner, try this out for your guests at home!