Sunday, 9 December 2012

Fried Crispy Stuffed Egg Roll

This Sunday is the second weekend of the last month of the year.   2012 indeed was another challenging year for me with a new journey of life at a new place, new working environment, making new friends and of course the most excited thing was venturing into blogging world by initiate this food blog.  Thanks to my hubby who has given me more than hundred percent confidence that I can make it.  Tomorrow happens is his birthday and we planned to have quiet celebration at home and of course will plan to cook a feast for him!

Today, I wish to bring you with simple dish which you can treat it as a type of snack- Fried Crispy Stuffed Egg Roll.  I knew in American Chinese cuisine egg roll is a savory dish that served as an appetizer, usually stuffed with chicken, pork or shrimp with various type of vegetables and wrapped with ready made wrapper which we called as spring roll wrapper.  My egg roll will be different.  I made my own wrapper using eggs or I will called it as egg crepe.  I used ground pork meat to stuff inside egg roll and I only mixed some chopped scallions and other seasoning ingredients.  You may use fish paste or beef to substitute.  After I have rolled them, I cut them into bite sizes and deep fried them.

Is pretty simple and tasty especially its dipped with some chili sauce or other dips that you prefer and I personally like it to go with a piece of lettuce or salad greens by wrapping around it.  It will be also a perfect choice to serve at a small home party.  Hope you will like it!  Happy cooking!


Wrapper or egg crepe:
2 eggs beaten
A pinch of salt

200g ground pork meat (beef or fish paste)
1 tsp corn flour
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp chopped scallions

Oil for deep frying


1.   Heat pan with oil with medium low fire.

2.   Pour beaten egg and swirl to spread the egg to cover the whole pan, cook for about a

3.   Flip the egg crepe carefully and cook for another minute and set a side on a plate.

4.   Meanwhile, mix ground meat with chopped scallions and other seasoning ingredients.

5.   Spread the mixture of meat evenly on the egg crepe cooked earlier.

6.   Carefully roll up the egg crepe with the ground meat.  

7.   Cut the egg roll into bite sizes.

8.   Heat up pan or wok with oil to prepare for deep-frying.  Return those pieces of egg rolls
      into the wok and fry until brown or cooked.  

9.   Drained and serve with your favorite dip.


  1. Thanks for posting you recipe, I'll try it

    1. Thank you Alisya....glad you like this recipe! Let me know the outcome.