Sunday, 22 July 2012

Thai Style Sesame Glass Noodle #SundaySupper

Even though I have missed the first Mom 100 Cookbook event organized by #SundaySupper and am glad to be one of the participants for this round.  Thanks so much to #SundaySupper for giving me this opportunity.

Being a full time working profession, I always have time restriction to prepare dinner (the only meal that can prepare for the day) for Simon and myself.  Despite the advises from friends and relatives to have our meal outside as just two of us but we still believes homemade meals are most precious one.  I fully agreed with Katie Workman saying in her latest The Mom 100 Cookbook's website (The MOM 100 Cookbook) - "Because homemade not only tastes best, it is best for you."  I viewed all her kitchen tips from her blog and I am amazed! 

I have used one of her tips for this recipe - Getting all the Zest!  Amazingly, I save half of the time compare with my usual method.  Thanks Katie, you have made my day in the kitchen! 

Thai Style Sesame Glass Noodle is my choice for this event.  I choose Thai style because both me and Simon likes spicy food.  I boiled the glass noodle and toss it with dressing (combination of lemon zest and juice, fish sauce, sesame oil, sugar and chili paste).  I have also added in the minced chicken which I stir-fried with sesame oil to match the noodle.  I just used about 30 minutes to prepare this dish, hope all of you will like it too.


(a)  100gm - Glass Noodle or Vermicelli, soaked and boiled until done

(b)  The Dressing
100 ml - Lemon zest & juice   
3 tbsp - Fish sauce
2 tbsp - Sesame oil
1/2 tbsp - Chili paste (optional or up to your taste)
1/2 tbsp - Sesame seeds
1 tsp - Sugar

1 stalk - Young lemon grass, finely sliced
5 - 6 small onions - peeled and finely sliced
2 -3 - Bird's eye chilies, minced
1 sprig - Cilantro
50 gm - Roasted unsalted peanuts

(c)  The Minced Chicken
200gm - minced chicken, marinate with pinch of salt
2 tbsp - Sesame oil
1 tbsp - Soy sauce
1/2 tsp - Chili paste
2 slices - Ginger

Some of the ingredients


To stir-fry the minced chicken, heat-up 2tbsp of sesame oil in a pan or wok, add ginger, toss it then add in minced chicken, sesame oil, soy sauce and chili paste.  Continue to toss until the meat turned brownish.  Remove from  pan and set a side.

The cooked minced chicken

In another pot, boil glass noodle until done (make sure do not over-cooked).  Remove from pot and drained.

To make dressing, combine lemon juice, fish sauce, sesame oil, chili paste, sugar & sesame seeds.  Toss noodles in dressing.

Transfer noodles to center of serving platter.  Arrange each of the ingredients (the minced chicken, lemon grass, onions, bird eyes chilies, peanuts) around the noodles.

The Thai Style Sesame Glass Noodles.

You have to eat it immediately after it is served or it will not be tasty.  

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  1. This posting reminds me I need to make a trip to the Chinese supermarket and stock back up. I love glass noodles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glass noodles is also one of my favorites too. Thanks Laura!

  3. I cannot get enough Thai food. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

    1. Guess you like spicy food like me too....thanks Renee!

  4. Oh my goodness - every last component of this dish looks amazing! The chicken...the noodles...the goodies. Yum!

    1. Thank you Heather....those dressing on top of the noodles like surrounding by the petals of flowers.

  5. I'm just starting to try Thai food at home. This is a must try soon!

  6. This is a must try on my list!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Glass noodles are my fave & I make this dish all the time. Glad to share Sunday Supper with you!

    1. Same to you too Elizabeth. You have great recipes!

  8. These look yummy! So many great recipes to try this week!

    Jamie @

    1. You are right, Jamie. Most of this week recipes will be added in my trying list!

  9. I'm really excited to try this! thank you so much for sharing! Thai is a world, I haven't explored yet, but will!

    1. Good to hear that you will try on Thai food soon...will share more Thai food then;D

  10. Wow this is gorgeous. What a great recipe. Sorry I had to miss this Sunday Supper. You rocked it out this time.

  11. Mmm mmm mmm that looks delicious! Thanks for posting.

    1. Yes, it's taste great if you like the combination of sour and spice. Give a try! Thank you for your comment, Stephanie!


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