Sunday, 4 October 2015

Chicken Mushroom Bruschetta

Hello everyone, I am back again!  I am so sorry for missing in action for  almost two months.  There are two reasons - our cameras are sent for service and it took almost a month and also due to me unreasonable working schedule. Well, this always happens to a full-time working married woman....sigh.

After a long break, I wish to share with you this recipe that was on my trial list for sometime, that is bruschetta.  I used to make varieties of vegetables and fruit topping whenever there are any home gathering, parties or potluck.  But this round I am eager to try out something savory and I am satisfied with the turn out.

Chicken Mushroom is my choice for this round bruschetta topping.  I had added a little touch of Asian feel in my recipe.  To make the colors stand out I have added in a little of dark soy sauce in my way of caramelizing the chicken meat with mushrooms.  No regrets at all!  It goes so well with the crispy toasted, buttered slice French baguette.   To make the bites feeling not too meaty, I intentionally combined the cooked chicken mushroom topping with some thinly chopped lettuce, so you can feel both kinds of crunchy from the greens and also the toasted sliced baguette.  

Holiday seasons round the corner, try this out for your guests at home!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Steamed Ginger Milk Custard (served with Osmanthus Syrup)

Steamed Ginger Milk Custard was listed in my trial list for so long.  I have fallen in love with this dessert when I first tried a few years ago during my first visit to Macau.  This dessert is well known among the Chinese community inclusive me!  I just love the smoothness of this dessert when it melts in my mouth with little of spiciness taste from the ginger, heavenly.

As I have a practice of controlling the sugar level in my food, I have cut down half amount of sugar when I made this dessert, but then, when I thought of others who might have a different perception, I have this idea pop-up in my head - to serve with syrup like what we used to do when we eat bean curd custard (tofu fa).  I have added some ginger juice and dried Osmanthus in my syrup.   Dried Osmanthus is my regular item of making flowering tea or blooming tea, which could improve skin complexion.  

So ladies, how could you miss this wonderful easy to make dessert!  

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Baked Cheesy Chicken Wonton Cups

If you were given a task to prepare an appetizer for a party, potluck, picnic or gathering, what will you prepare?  There is one which I had in my mind and wish to try out for quite some time, that is baked wonton cups. 

Baked wonton cups can be easily prepared and be invented in so many designs of flavors of fillings.  It can be blended with meat, fruits, vegetables, etc., etc....  

This is my first trial, I would like to try with chicken meat mix with colorful bell peppers and add in with some spiciness when I stir-fried the fillings.  I just use some chili flakes, you may ignore them if you don't like them, as it will still taste good when those cheeses topping melted after baked.

So, if you wish to prepare something look classy and presentable yet yummy, try this out!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Traditional Chinese Steamed Pork-Patty with Salted Egg Yolk

It was totally a bad experience for all Sabahan (including me) for the past two weeks.  The first ever earthquake in Malaysia took place at the our most popular tourist spot, the Mount Kinabalu on the 5th of June at 6.0 magnitudes.  I was alone at home and was in the middle of preparing to go out when it happened.  I thought I was not well and collapsing and at that particular moment I felt like the house is going to turn upside down and I started to hear people screaming and strong running footsteps from my apartment. Without hesitation, I grabbed my handbag and ran out of my apartment too.  Once I was out of the eight storey building and managed to get hold of my husband on the mobile, whom also experienced the same tremor in his office and had confirmed it was an earthquake.

The aftershock had caused my health level went down tremendously, even until now was not fully recovered.  Same goes to my appetite has dropped too.  Suddenly this dish pop-up in my head - steamed pork-patty with salted egg yolk.  I remembered this was what my late mom always like to prepare for me when I am not well and it was suppose to go together with plain rice porridge.

I grown-up from a very conservative Chinese family and I have been always explored with traditional Chinese cooking.  Steaming pork patty is one of them.  It was always blended with either preserved vegetables, salted fish, etc., but the most I liked was when it matched with salted egg yolk.  The minced meat is preferably self-chopped, as then it will produce good tenderness on the patty.  This dish will perfectly go well with plain rice or rice porridge and is simple to prepare.  I promise you will love it very much like I do!