Sunday, 11 September 2016

Homemade Shanghai Mooncakes

I know I had been disappeared for so long and I had missed the whole summer season, but I am back again and just in time to welcome the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or most of you will name it as Moon-cake Festival.

To welcome Mid-Autumn Festival, moon-cakes can not be left out for this celebration and this is what am I going to share with you today.  In Malaysia, there are many types of moon-cakes, especially the varieties of fillings.  Lotus seed and red beans paste are most popular among of all, normally will be wrapped in a thin crust skin, whereby, we normally name it as traditional moon-cakes.  But this round, I am challenging myself with a different type of skin - Shanghai Mooncakes.  The only different is the skin which are crisps and buttery crust like biscuits and I had chosen red bean paste as the fillings.  I have also made some with additional duck egg yolk which goes well wrapped around by the red bean paste.    

As this was my first trial, the result of the look from outside does not attractive due to over-cooked (I promised, I will be more careful next round....sigh), but I am quite satisfied with the taste overall.  Do not feel panic when you see some cracks on the skin, that's pretty normal for Shanghai Mooncakes.

Happy trying and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you!