Saturday, 20 September 2014

Steamed Eggplant Stuffed with Minced Meat

Finally,  I have time to sit down to share another recipe on this blog.  It's took me more than three weeks to complete this post.  We (me and my hubby) were too involve with some apartment management issues, where we are staying now.

Today I am sharing a healthier way of cooking eggplant.  Normally when we Asian want to match eggplant and minced meat, you will thought of to stir-fry them, that same goes to me.  But this round I choose to steam the eggplant.  Steaming is always the best way to retain the nutrients in the food especially vegetables and is proven with this recipe.  You will able to taste the wholesome of the eggplant once you take a bite on it.  What more is, it goes perfectly with some savory minced meat on top.  Amazing!

You have an option the minced meat to add on with some spiciness on it.  For me, I prefer it to be spicy, so I have some bird eye chilies and also a little of chili paste to blend with the fermented sweet beans.  You will love the aroma that came from this two ingredients.  You have a choice of pork or chicken for the minced meat.     

So, can you imagine how delicious of this recipe?