Monday, 30 June 2014

Fried Vegetarian (meat-less) Wontons

Fried wantons are always our favorite snacks especially when its still hot and crunchy....who can resists it?

Normally, they are stuffed with meat inside, it could be in minced chicken or pork meat.  For those who are vegetarian will miss this wonderful snacks if we don't come out something to suits them.

My vegetarian recipe for these wantons fillings are consists of mashed potatoes, tofu, mushrooms, carrots and celery.  I know some of you would not like the taste celery in this, you may substitute with water chestnuts if you wish to have some crunchy feelings or you may use some scallions if you don't.  I even pan-fried the mushrooms before I mixed with other ingredients because I love those mushrooms aromatic smell.

This recipe is perfect for home party, tea-break or even as snacks as it's so easy to prepare.

Hope this easy to make recipe will able to satisfied all of you.  Trust me, it's really simple and you will love it so much!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Apple Lean Pork Soup

First at all, I would like to apologize to all my followers and readers of this blog for my long absent.  Guess most of you must be wondering what had happened to me.  No worries, nothing serious, is just that I was busy preparing for my wedding reception which was held on May 17th.  You definitely don't want to know the stress that I have gone through and am glad is all over now! The worse is the both my husband and me were down with a very very bad flu and cough....and these lasted for more than 2 weeks and only yesterday, I am back with some energy to get back to the kitchen.

The first dish that was in my mind is soup......a warm and nourishing soup for both of us who are still not fully recovered yet.  And here is the recipe of this soup that I wish to share with all of you - Apple Lean Pork Soup, a Chinese style healthy soup that had special nourishes your lungs and good of expelling your phlegm problem which is just perfect for both of us at this juncture of time.

My Apple Lean Pork Soup not only using apple and lean pork but there are others important ingredients that's made this soup so perfect.  Among them are dried scallop, snow fungus, lily bulbs, red lotus seeds and dried tangerine peel.  Let me share what are these ingredients good in.  Apples are well-known in promoting your digestion, snow fungus is good in nourishes yin and moistens the dryness in your body system.  Whereby, dried scallop is good for your liver and kidneys.  Overall this soup is suitable for those who often lack of rest, suffers from cold and chronic cough.  Try it out and you won't regret, that what I can promise you!