Sunday, 6 October 2013

Claypot Braised Tofu #SundaySupper

Happy Sunday everyone!  Glad I am able to join the #SundaySupper again!  This week theme is One Pot Recipe and this event is host by Amy Kim from Kimci Mom.  

Even though I am not living in a country with four seasons but I know the weather is going cooler towards the end of the year at most of the countries especially to most of our #SundaySupper members.  The kitchen chief at home of course will start cracking their head what kind of comfort food to ward their family members.  So, you must not miss this week #SundaySupper event that will give you a long list of easy-to-make-recipe - One Pot.  What's more convenient cooking ways that just need to put everything in a pot?

I have chosen a claypot as my main cooking stool for this theme.  For us Chinese, we believe a claypot dish will able to maintain the food warm temperature and best during the cold weather.  Here is my new toy in my kitchen - the claypot!

Braised Tofu is always my favorite but I have not tried it in a claypot and I am confident that it will turn-out good. And, it really does not disappointed us!  From the first bite on the tofu, it was marvelous - you still feel the hotness and juice in it. I am quite certain the tenderness of the tofu because I had deep fried them before hand.  It's really make lots of different.  Beside tofu, I have added some chicken breast meat to enrich the taste of the gravy.  Other ingredients are button mushrooms and vegetables.  

Well, let see whether this One Pot dish will get your attention!