Monday, 19 August 2013

Steamed Ginger Chicken with Mushroom

Every time when I came back from a short holiday to my hometown, I have to take some time to settle down with my emotion, but this time is so much better as I have Simon with me.  At least I don't feel lonely during on board.  As usual my two sisters will prepare some food to bring back with me.  This time I have got some favorite, which I have missed out for almost two years.    One thing that we enjoy the most during the trip were the fabulous food.  No matter is home cooked food that prepared my eldest sister or outside local food.  My sister is also great cook, could be inherited from my late mom.  

Talking about my mom's recipes I have this recipe for so long and had inspired me to try this out and share with all of you, that is Steamed Ginger Chicken with Mushroom.  Steaming is always a wonderful way of enhancing the taste, texture, color and nutritional value of the food, so do this recipe. 

I have modified a little on the marinade from the original ingredients.  I have added in with some ginger juice to enhance the ginger taste in the chicken. I also have used some Chinese wine when I steam the chicken.  There are few important steps that need your attention and there are the timing of steaming, it should not over cooked.  This gives you the smoothness of meat. Of course you also need to use a real quality fresh chicken as this will give you a perfect taste of the chicken essence.  This definitely a healthy and yet easy to prepare dish that suitable to everyone at home.


1/2 chicken, cut into about 10 pieces
3-4 slice of ginger, cut into thin strips
4-5 dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked, remove stem, cut into thin strips
2 tbsp Chinese Wine (I used Shao-xing wine)

Marinade ingredients:
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp ginger juice
2 tbsp oyster sauce


1.   Clean chicken and cut into pieces (about 10 pieces).  Make sure dried it before marinating.

2.   Marinate the chicken for about 15 -30 minutes.

3.   Warm-up you steamer and make sure the temperature is 100 degree before you put in the

4.   Mix the marinated chicken with the Chinese wine.

5.   Add on ginger and mushrooms strips on top and put in into your steamer for about 30
      minutes (depending on the size of the pieces of chicken) or until its cooked.  Remember do
      not over-cooked as the meat will became rough.

6.  Serve it when it still hot. 

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