Thursday, 16 May 2013

Oriental Chicken and Celery Salad served with Sesame Ginger Oil

Another month has passed from my last post.  It took me more than a week to get this post up.   This is due my new role and additional responsibilities in my working life.  This month is the second month for this new challenge of my career.......hope everything will be getting smoother soon, and I should able to get back to my normal blogging momentum.  

Time flies.......and I just noticed I had been in blogging world for more than 365 days.   Is time to celebrate my 1st Anniversary of this blog - My Trials in the Kitchen.  I feel so bad that I unable to cook something special for this special occasion, instead, I wish to share an Oriental style of salad recipe.  The special of this salad is the dressing.  Instead, the common mayonnaise dressing, I have used the sesame ginger oil.  These has enhance this salad with the natural nutty flavor from the sesame oil.  And of course this is also an easy to make recipe.  Let's find out how easy it is...