Sunday, 7 April 2013

Simple Dry Potatoes Curry with Long Beans

Its been for more than a month since my last post, as for the past whole month all of us who live in Sabah, Malaysia are in the stage of "alert" and  "fear" that caused by a group of armed militants that had intruded into Sabah since February 9.   This incident has been worrying both me and Simon since then, of course it also have affected our blogging momentum.   On top of that, my new "add-on" responsibilities in my working life also has play a role in this slow down too.  My thousand apologies again to all the readers of this blog.

Today I wish to share with all of you (especially to those curry lovers) a simple and easy to make dry curry - Dry Potatoes Curry with Long Beans.  This dry curry recipe is delicious with the combination of the hearty potatoes and fresh fine long beans that makes a perfect vegetarian main dish (perfectly match with plain rice), it could also can be treated as a tasty starter or an excellent side dish too.  To make the potatoes and long beans smoother and absorbed in the dry curry, I deep fried the potatoes cubes and boiled the long beans to half cooked, as I love the beans softer.  Oh ya, I forgot to tell you one of my important ingredients in the dry curry is coconut milk, so you can imagine how tasty of curry.  Let's find out the steps to make it!